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How is the work done? 

It depends on what you want!
Working with a tombstone can be done in different ways, we do as follows.
First and foremost, we do an inspection of the stone, then we will assess whether the work should be done on site or sent to a workshop. If we think that the work should be done on site, it will be a cleaning late engraving of texts, decorations or whatever you wish. But if it becomes a workshop issue, we will renew the stone. Which means that there will be a grinding and re-engraving, and the stone will look new again.

We strive to reuse the stone in the best possible way to suit your wishes. And use our best ability to deliver the best quality, but with the least energy consumption and with adaptation to your wishes for costs.


We offer text inscription up to 50 characters in the form of addition of new name and date on a normal large stone for 6500 SEK. If it is to come to the workshop to be washed and get supplementary inscription and then be reassembled at the cemetery, it costs about 8500 SEK.

If you want to renovate an existing text in connection with a new inscription, we will arrange it. Gilding with new gold leaf 23 k costs 64 SEK per character and repainting  48 SEK per character. Gilding or repainting of a decor or symbol costs about 1000SEK.

Today it is known that a gilding or painting of tombstones lasts between 8-13  depending on the location of the stone and the weather conditions on the site. Therefore, we often recommend repainting or gilding of all texts if it has been more than 10 years.

We also do engraving on small natural stones, that is, stones that are not shaped like tombstones.

Inspection and cleaning of tombstones in Great Stockholm is 1000 SEK per hour, which normally takes less than one hour per stone.

We would like you to fill out the form as accurately as you can, we need more information about your wishes we will hear from you as soon as we can. If you want to give us more information, please send us via our e-mail address.

Email address: info@mygravsten.se